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Guillaume Duclos

Human Science Frontier Program Fellow

I am starting my lab at Brandeis University, and I am looking for postdocs and students to join me for this new adventure. new website here:

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Research Interests

- Soft condensed matter physics: active matter and out-of-equilibrium statistical physics, dynamics of complex fluids, self-organization and collective behaviors

- Biophysics: collective cell migration, tissue morphogenesis, cell mechanics.


05/04/2018: Check out our latest work on using the active nematic framework to describe the emergence of flows in epithelial tissues with an analogy with the Frederickzs transition in liquid crystals. "Spontaneous shear flow in confined cellular nematics", Nature Physics, 2018





G. Duclos, C. Erlenkämper, JF Joanny​ and P. Silberzan, 'Topological defects in confined


populations of spindle-shaped cells',  Nature Physics, 13, 58-62 (2017) doi:10.1038/nphys3876

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